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Simpol-NZ is the NZ affiliate of the International Simultaneous Policy Organistion (ISPO). ISPO and all its national affiliates are independent, not-for-profit organisations.

Simpol-NZ is at present an informal association of NZ citizens. It is intended that the organisation will be formally incorporated soon.

Political independence

To maintain strict political independence, Simpol organisations are not charities and nor are they permitted to accept funding from any for-profit entity. All funds are raised from private donations, membership fees or book sales.

Campaign Management

Any citizen may sign on as a supporter of Simpol. This is free of charge.

Simpol-NZ is presently managed by an Executive Committee. Its members are Lady Rhyl Jansen (Orewa), Hugh Steadman (Blenheim,) Anthony Bellve (Auckland,) Marion Hancock (Auckland,) Paul Bruce (Wellington.)

Until formally incorporated, Simpol-NZ is governed and managed according to its  Founding Declaration. We invite you to download a copy. It sets out Simpol-NZ's mission, principles, management structure and responsibilities.

Current Provisional Trustees

Hugh Steadman is a businessman from Blenheim. He founded the Sapiens organisation and has a long-standing interest in global affairs and global governance.













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Important Milestones for Simpol


John Bunzl conceives the Simpol idea


First citizens sign on to the campaign


Nobel peace Laureate, Jose Ramos-Horta, pledges his support for Simpol


Simpol-NZ holds its first meeting and its Executive Committee is appointed.


First MPs (in the UK) sign the Pledge, joined by some European, Australian and Argentinian MPs.


Citizens in over 70 countries support the campaign


Ken Wilber, world-renowned philosopher and founder of Integral Theory, joins Simpol's Advisory Board

Simpol International

To catch up on the status of the Simpol campaign globally, please visit our global website