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Dec. 5: Now on openDemocracy: What's Wrong with International Summitry?

Articles from Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, can now be found on openDemocracy. His first article, What's Wrong with International Summitry - and What we can do about it, explains just that!

Dec. 3: Annan wrong about the national interest being a barrier to climate action

Kofi Annan

Following the recent disappointing UN climate talks in Warsaw, former  Secretary General, Kofi Annan, admonished governments to "put aside narrow national interests". But in his latest Huffington Post article, John Bunzl, shows that the national interest need not be the barrier Annan thinks it is. Rather, if substantive cooperation is to occur, it has to be designed to be in each nation's interests. By compensating emissions reductions with, for example, the revenues from a global tax on currency transactions, every nation could win. Drastic and immediate action on emissions could thus be made to be in each nation's self-interest. 

Dec: Simpol launches in Iceland

Under the guidance of National Contact, Arni Karlsson, Simpol-Iceland recently launched its campaign. Supported by a new website and having all the advantages of a small nation, we're hoping for swift progress. Any Icelandic supporters wishing to get involved, please contact Arni.

Oct. 29: Brand: The answers he should have given Paxman

Russell Brand

UK comedian turned activist, Russell Brand, recently made a strong case for global justice in his BBC Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman. But Brand sadly failed to answer Paxman's key question: How? How do you get change if you don't engage with politics? In his latest Huffington Post blog article, Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, offers Brand an answer.

Sep. 3: Simpol's German election campaign scores first hit!

Sebastian Czich

Simpol-Germany is celebrating the receipt of its first Pledge from a candidate standing in the up-coming 2013 Federal Elections (Bundestagswahl). In declaring his support for Simpol, one of the candidates for the German Pirate Party in Sachsen, Sebastian Czich, said "We can only solve our planet's problems if we act together." Welcome on board, Herr Czich!

Aug. 15-18: Simpol at Swedish Social Web Camp

Simpol's Swedish National Contact, Maria Ehrling, will represent Simpol at this year's Swedish Social Web Camp, a meeting of top social networking specialists. Maria will be focusing on making connections in preparation for launching Simpol's campaign in Sweden.

Jun. 30: Simpol at Almedalen Week in Visby (Sweden)

Simpol's Swedish National Contact, Maria Ehrling, will represent Simpol at Almedalen Week (30th June - 7th July). Held in Visby on the island of Gotland, Almedalen Week is an annual event organised by the main Swedish political parties to engage the views of civil society on the key challenges we face.

May 23-26: Simpol at Men-Maenner International Symposium

Simpol's John Bunzl will be a speaker at the Men-Maenner International Symposium for men entitled "Men and the Future: Sex, Authenticity and Power" taking place near Frankfurt, Germany from 23-26th May, some tickets are still available.

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st Century? What challenges do we face, both in our personal lives, as fathers, and as we confront the global problems our world faces? Featuring top presenters and experts on men's issues, psychotherapy and gender relations, proceedings will be in both German and English. For more or to book, please visit the Men-Maenner website.

Simpol in "Compass of New Thought"

The Simpol campaign is mentioned prominently in The Compass of New Thought (Kompass Neues Denken), a new book by German philosopher, Nathalie Knapp.

"Simpol," Knapp says, "stands for an international politics of simultaneous action in which no country need fear becoming economically uncompetitive when implementing political decisions, such as a minimum wage or new environmental regulations. But Simpol also reminds us of the word "simple", because things become a great deal simpler if a certain synchronisation can be achieved when implementing decisions. It's important to understand, then, that when our planet is at stake, we are all playing on the same team."

The book, in German, can be obtained here.

Apr. 17: Huff Post: The Right mourn Thatcher; the Left, any sense of direction

Coinciding with the funeral of Baroness Thatcher on 17th April, the Huffington Post published this article by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, reflecting on the legacy of the "divisive" former British Prime Minister, and what it means for those on the Left and for democracy itself.

Mar. 22: EnlightenNext Germany publishes Simpol article

The latest issue of Impulse, the magazine of leading German consciousness and culture movement, EnlightenNext, features an article on global consciousness by Simpol's John Bunzl. Entitled Global oder gar nicht: Warum Ihre Lebensmittelkosten steigen, wenn Sie zu klein denken, German speakers can read it here.

Mar. 20: Huff Post: Why global governance is key to world happiness

In a new article on the Huffington Post coinciding with the UN's Day of Happiness on 20th March, Simpol's founder John Bunzl explains the link between happiness and global governance. Can we truly be happy while so many of our fellow humans are suffering? And what do we need to change that? Read it here.

Mar. 1: How do YOU want the world to be?

Simpol has partnered with Jolitics to provide citizens around the world with an online tool for developing global policies. Fun and easy to use, anyone anywhere can join in. Offered as a supplement to Simpol's formal policy development process, this is a great way for citizens to exchange ideas, develop policies and vote on them.

Jan. 30: Economist David K. Levine endorses Simpol

Game theory specialist, David K. Levine, John H. Biggs Distinguished Professor of Economics at Washington University, St. Louis, USA, has endorsed the Simpol campaign. Impressed by John Bunzl's recent TEDx presentation, The Political Prisoner's Dilemma, read Prof. Levine's endorsement here.

IEET publishes article on Simpol

The U.S.-based Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) has published a new article by John Bunzl entitled "Why international competitiveness trumps ethics and accountability". How does the drive to enhance national economic competitiveness often trump the ethical and accountable introduction of new, controversial technologies. And what can be done about it? Read it here.

James J. Hughes Ph.D., Executive Director of IEET, commented that "Simpol does get at the nub of the problem; the prisoner's dilemma that stymies individual nations from enacting policies."

Jan. 8. 2013: Why thinking too small increases your food bill

Top blog, the Huffington Post, today published an article by Simpol's John Bunzl asking why we still look for merely national solutions to global problems. With food prices set to rise due to poor harvests caused by global warming and other global problems impacting our daily lives, what might the cost be of thinking too small? Read it here.

Dec. 12: Huffington Post: Starbucks' tax payment

Top blog, The Huffington Post, carries a new article by Simpol's John Bunzl about Starbucks and its 'voluntary tax payment'. Hot espresso, or just luke-warm filter coffee? Read it here.

Dec. 11: John Renesch joins Simpol's Advisory Board

Advisor, mentor, futurist and writer on matters of social and organizational change, John Renesch has joined Simpol's Advisory Board. John is passionate about the role commerce can play in bringing about a global shift of human consciousness, thus creating a future of tremendous possibility for humankind – the possibility that will allow humanity to transcend the inevitable future that can be projected from current trends. For more on John, go here.

New article: "Men, Power, and Politics"

Nick Duffell
Robert Fischer

Why do women, in the fields of business and politics, often display much the same competitive, power-oriented behaviour as men? In this new article, Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, offers some possible answers. To read the article, please click here.

John will be participating at the Men-Maenner International Symposium entitled Men and the Future: Sex, Authenticity and Power taking place 23-26 May, 2013 near Frankfurt, Germany. He will be presenting his ideas alongside renowned gender psychologists, Nick Duffell and Robert Fischer and many other leaders in the field. For more information on the event, please click here.

Dec. 9: John Bunzl's TEDx Berlin talk now online

John Bunzl (Photo: Sebastian Gabsch)

Simpol founder John Bunzl's TEDx talk at TEDx Berlin's "Crossing Borders" confrence on 23rd November is now online. Entitled The Political Prisoner's Dilemma, John uses the story of Max and Moritz, the two hapless naughty boys from German folklore, to make his point. The two boys are picked up by the police for a minor offence, but the police also suspect them of something more serious. Will the boys keep quiet and get off lightly, or will they incriminate each other? And why do our politicians find themselves in much the same position - and how do we help them out? See the talk (in English) here.

Dec. 6: John Bunzl interviewed by Deutsche Welle

Germany's top international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, interviewed John Bunzl about the unique opportunity Simpol offers to achieve global social justice and environmental sustainablity. Contrasting Simpol's approach, which uses our votes, with approaches such as Avaaz which use only petitions, the interview shows how some NGOs still fail to catch on to this crucial difference. Interviewed by reporter, Cinnamon Nippard, you can hear it (in English) here.

Nov. 28: John Bunzl's 'Max and Moritz' story picked up by Handelsblatt

Max and Moritz
John Bunzl at TEDx Berlin (Photo: Sebastian Gabsch)

"Explaining the world through Max and Moritz". That was the headline of Germany's top commercial newsblog, Handelsblatt, picking up on the two hapless naughty boys from German folklore that Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, used in his presentation at TEDx Berlin on 23rd November.

The two boys are locked up by the police and so find themselves caught - rather like all nations in the global economy - in a "prisoner's dilemma". Read the Handelsblatt article (in German) here. See the video of John's TEDx presentation (in English) here. Photos of the event can be seen here.

Nov. 2012: Simpol article just published in Journal of Integral Theory

Ken Wilber

An article by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, arguing Simpol to be a transcendent, transformative means of achieving a form of binding, people-centred global governance has been published in the latest issue of the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice.

Entitled Transcending 1st-Tier Values in Achieving Binding Democratic Global Governance, the article was also the subject of a recent online dialogue between John Bunzl and the founder of Interal Theory, Ken Wilber.

Wilber commented: "This is another absolutely fascinating article. John addresses the central issues concerning how global governance can be achieved even when only 5% of the global population is at Integral. This work moves the global governance conversation forward considerably. The Simpol campaign offers a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing."

You can also hear Wilber in dialogue with John Bunzl on IntegralLife about this article here.

Nov 5: Simpol on Huffington Post!

With environmentalists bemoaning the absence of any mention of climate change in the recent U.S. Presidential debates, top blog The Huffington Post runs this article by Simpol founder, John Bunzl, which offers a solution: Swing voters, Mr. President? UK has the answer.

14 Jan. 2013: Switzerland gets Simpol

A presentation of Simpol will be given in Switzerland's commercial capital, Zurich, in the evening of 14th January, 2013. Organised by the Swiss Integral Party, for more details on John Bunzl's talk, please contact Cecile Cassini.

Sept. 10: Dr. Hans Koechler endorses Simpol

Dr. Hans Koechler, professor of philosophy and president of the International Progress Organisation, has commented very favourably on the Simpol campaign: "In our era of global challenges and increasing interconnectedness between nation-states, transnational coordination among concerned citizens has become an indispensable element of democracy. I hope that many voters will make use of Simpol's innovative approach." 

The International Progress Organisation enjoys consultative status with the Economic and Social Council at the UN. It encourages cultural exchange between all nations, attempts to promote tolerance towards all nationalities and cultures, and emphasizes human liberties, social and economic development, peace, and the international rule of law.

New National Coordinators in Canada and Belgium

Marc Ross
Karen de Looze

As part of Simpol's growing campaign, new National Coordinators have been appointed in Canada and Belgium. Simpol-Canada will be led by Marc W. Ross. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Marc is a psycho-educational consultant and counsellor.

For Simpol-Belgium, our National Contact is Karen de Looze. Karen will be helping to build a vibrant campaign using our new Belgian website as a platform.

Sept. 7th: Ken Wilber dialogues with John Bunzl on IntegralLife

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory, and John Bunzl dialogue about global governance and how Simpol may be key in achieving it. Available in several parts, the dialogue can be heard here.  It is based on a new article by John to appear shortly in the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice entitled Transcending 1st-Tier Values in Achieving Binding Democratic Global Governance. Wilber has described Simpol as "a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing" and is a member of Simpol's Advisory Board.

PCDN interviews John Bunzl

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, has been interviewed by Maha Hilal of the Peace & Collaborative Development Network (PCDN). To read the interview, click here.

PCDN is a free professional networking site that fosters dialogue and sharing of resources in international development, conflict resolution, gender mainstreaming, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields.

Simpol presented at Conway Hall, London

John Bunzl will deliver a presentation at Conway Hall in London on 30th September, 2012. Entitled "Thinking like Einstein", John will speak about how we can move from nation-centric to world-centric thinking, and will show Simpol, not only to be an example of world-centric thinking in action, but a way citizens can drive politicians to solve global problems. For more, click here.

Sep. 2-5th: Simpol at Oxford Globalisation Conference

John Bunzl with Prof. Kamran Mofid

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, addressed the 10th Annual International Oxford Conference on 2-5th September, 2012. Organised by the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) which is led by Prof. Kamran Mofid, the theme of the conference was "Theology, philosophy, ethics, spirituality and economics: A call to dialogue". The subject of John's presentation: "Current Problems Require New Thinking". For more information on GCGI, please click here.

August 8: John Bunzl at KCL Climate Change Round table

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, will be a panelist at a Round table event at King's College, London on 8th August, 2pm entitled "Beyond Kyoto - Diverse avenues or impasse for climate governance?" Other panelists include the Rt Hon. John Gummer, member of the House of Lords, Ruth Davis, senior advisor on Climate Change at Greenpeace UK and Alesha De-Freitas, head of the Low Carbon Europe Team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. For more info, click here.

Aug. 1: Simpol-Austria to launch soon...

Yolanda Kramer

Simpol-Austria will launch very soon under the guidance of National Coordinator, Yolanda Kramer. Based in Vienna, Yolanda is an HR and organisational consultant.

If you're from Austria and would like to be involved, please contact Yolanda for more information.

July 31: Simpol at "Kongress für Integrale Politik"

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, gave a presentation and workshop on Simpol at the "Kongress für Integrale Politik" , a major conference on integral politics being held in Götzis, Austria, 28th July to 5th August. John's presentation was given in German on 31st July (pm).

July 29: Simpol at Celebrate Life Festival

John Bunzl presented Simpol at the Celebrate Life Festival in Germany on 29th July. Attended by over 1200 people, and held near Bremen from 26th July - 5th August, CLF is a project of "Sharing the Presence", an organisation led by Thomas Hübl.

John's presentation entitled "Simpol: eine integrale Umsetzung weltzentrischen Bewusstseins in weltzentrischen, politischen Aktivismus"  [Simpol: matching our world-centric compassion with a new kind of world-centric political action] was given in German.

June 26: Rio+20 Disappointment - Why are we not surprised?

Here we go again: As the Rio+20 global sustainability summit closes, NGOs line up to bemoan the lack of a decisive outcome. "We didn't get the Future We Want in Rio, because we do not have the leaders we need", said Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace, to cite but one example.

In a new blog piece published today, Simpol's founder John Bunzl suggests NGOs need to realise that destructive international competition means that governments simply aren't in a position to deliver. So, not only does civil society need to adopt a new strategy that places it in a position of control, Bunzl suggests how this might be done. To view his blog, click here.

June 17: Simpol goes down a storm in Germany!

Dennis Wittrock of Integrales Forum (left) welcomes German National Coordinator, Dirk Weller, on stage (Photo: Mathias Weitbrecht)

Following a one-week tour presenting Simpol to audiences in various northern German cities, a keynote presentation by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, and German National Coordinator, Dirk Weller, to the German Integral Forum's annual conference in Berlin was greeted with huge enthusiasm. The launch of Simpol-Deutschland was also formally announced and enthusiastic supporters are now busy helping Dirk to get the German campaign on the road.

John tries out his German...with a little help from Dirk. (Photo: Dennis Wittrock)

In a skype interview the evening before, the prominent philosopher and founder of Integral Theory, Ken Wilber, suggested that Simpol was likely to be one of the integral "killer apps" of the coming years.

Conducted in German, John and Dirk's presentation was entitled "Matching worldcentric care and compassion with a new kind of worldcentric political action". For a copy of the slide presentation, with notes in German and English, please contact us.


But we couldn't be worldcentric all the time: Having presented Simpol as a genuinely world-centric form of open source global politics, a good time was had by all watching the Euro 2012 soccer championships (Germany vs. Denmark). Simpol-DE supporters, Anke Lessmann and Carola Giese-Brandt who have been busy translating many Simpol books and articles into German, did a good job flying the German flag.

To contact Dirk Weller or to help out with Simpol's German campaign, please contact us.

June 17: German campaign launched

Simpol Germany was officially launched by German National Coordinator, Dirk Weller, and Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, at the German 'Integrales Forum' in June 2012. A new German website is now online at

Funding has been coming in to support the launch. So far, we've reached 68% of our funding target - a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! If you'd like to donate to help us finally hit the target, please click here. To contact Dirk Weller or to get involved with the campaign, please click here.

June 15-17th: John to speak at German Integral Forum

Simpol founder, John Bunzl, will give a keynote address to the annual conference of the German "Integrales Forum" being held in Berlin from 15-17th June 2012. Speaking alongside many prominent integral thinkers and practitioners, John will present Simpol as well as announce the official launch of Simpol-Germany. For more on the Integrales Forum , click here

May 17: Radio EnlightenNext interviews Dirk Weller & John Bunzl

Tom Steininger

Attention Simpol Supporters in Germany!

Tom Steininger of EnlightenNext Germany will dialogue live on Radio EnlightenNext with Simpol-Germany's National Coordinator, Dirk Weller, and Simpol's founder, John Bunzl. Being broadcast in German on Thursday, 17th May starting at 8pm (German time), you can listen to the interview here. Founded by spiritual teacher, Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext Germany is a leading educational organisation focused on personal and cultural development.

May 7th: Mark Horler to speak at seminar with James Quilligan in London

Simpol-UK trustee, Mark Horler, addressed a seminar on Democratising the Global Political Commons on May 7th in London. He explained why Simpol could provide a very plausible answer. Also, the well-known advocate of 'the commons', James Quilligan spoke. The seminar was just one of a series organised by the School of Commoning. To hear Mark Horler's talk, click here.

Terry Patten interviews John Bunzl

Terry Patten

Integral teacher, Terry Patten, interviewed John Bunzl on May 13th as part of Terry's excellent Beyond Awakening interview series. John explains more about global consciousness and how Simpol offers a solution to global problems. To listen to this and other inspiring interviews, click here. To read Terry's blog about his interview with John, please click here.

April 29th: Simpol at BetterWorldForum 2012

Simpol founder, John Bunzl, presented Simpol as part of the BetterWorldForum 2012 online conference held over two weekends, 21/22nd and 28/29th April. Many prominent change agents and thought leaders presented at the event, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Hazel Henderson and John Perkins. John Bunzl spoke about Simpol in an hour-long dialogue on Sunday 29th April. John discussed how we can use our votes in our national elections to drive our politicians and governments to cooperate internationally to solve global problems.

April 10th: Article by Bunzl published in Journal of Integral Theory

An article by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, appears in the latest (March) issue of the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. Entitled Discovering an Integral Civic Consciousness in a Global Age, the article defines civics as an awareness of the need for governance to solve problems at any level, from local to global. It analyses modern, postmodern and early-integral levels of civic awareness and shows them to be inadequate for dealing with today's global problems. Only a late-integral (Vision-logic) civic awareness, John argues, can meet the challenge. To download the article, click here. It appears in the March issue of Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. For more of John's articles based on Integral Theory, click here.

April 4th: Gill Wright joins Simpol's Trustee Board

Gill Wright, teacher and practitioner in metaphysics, integrative health and inter-faith studies, has kindly agreed to join Simpol's international Trustee Board. Gill is also a trustee of World Servers Foundation and was formerly a Vice-President of the Club of Budapest. We are delighted to welcome Gill to Simpol's growing international team! For more about Gill, please click here.

March 2012: Ken Wilber joins Simpol's Advisory Board

Ken Wilber, prominent author, philosopher and founder of Integral Theory has kindly agreed to join Simpol's Advisory Board. Describing Simpol as "a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing", Ken has long advocated some form of binding global governance as a solution to global problems. Ken's decision to join the Advisory Board follows a number of articles on Simpol and global governance written by John Bunzl for the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. For more information or to download these articles, please click here.

March 2012: Simpol partners with World Servers Foundation

Finding they share the same objective of global cooperation, Simpol and World Servers Foundation (WSF) have become partners and have agreed to explore and cooperate on projects of common interest.

The vision statement of WSF states: "Our vision is a world where collaboraton and cooperation are recognised as essential in solving the contemporary challenges - social, economic, political and environmental - facing the global community."

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