Breaking down the barriers to solving world problems

Endorsements from German-speaking countries

Dr. Daniel Salber 
(Cultural and economic psychologist)

The concept [of Simpol] is insightful since our problems aren't solvable on the national level anymore. There are any number of international agreements on climate, poverty, war, etc but they're all ineffective. Simpol gives us hope that at last this can change.

Dr. Karim Fathi
(former consultant at Joschka Fischer & Company GmbH, now at Denkbank)

Our globalised world is facing numerous interdependent challenges: Pressure on our ecological system is dramatic and threatens resource wars, climate catastrophe, exacerbates the gap between rich and poor and the runaway increase in the money supply. These and other risks seem very likely to go critical.

Meanwhile, there is a large measure of agreement on the cornerstone policies needed to achieve global sustainability strategy capable of meeting these threats. Amongst these are the Millenium Development Goals, a global tax on financial transactions, a binding climate agreement, the internalisation of social costs, and many others. In the debate surrounding how to make globalisation sustainable, it is less a matter of solutions and far more of securing the necessary political will to implement them. ...

Within this debate comes the innovative and potentially game-changing Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign. It could potentially play a priceless role in overcoming the present political inaction while still using democratic processes in a 'bottom-up' fashion. For me, it's a campaign I'm happy to give my unreserved support!


From around the world

Noam Chomsky

Professor (MIT), political activist, author 

"It’s ambitious and provocative. Can it work? Certainly worth a serious try.” 

Ervin Laszlo

Author and Futurist

"In an age when our problems are global and national governance structures are weakened and inadequate, it is absolutely necessary to think about the shape of effective global governance. This cannot be simply national government "writ large", for that would also enlarge the problems and inefficiencies of national governance. It must be a holistic and evolutionary governance system, and as to the articulation of the essential features of such a system, John Bunzl makes an essential contribution. Highly recommended for anyone concerned with our collective future on this small and largely mismanaged planet."

Dr. Farhang Sefidvash

Coordinator, the Research Centre for Global Governance, Brazil 

"The concept of Simultaneous Policy is a wonderful way of implementing cooperation which is the new law of human survival in the globalized world.”

Ken Wilber

 American philosopher, author and founder of Integral Theory.

“The central idea of Simpol is very powerful; that is, the notion of how to link votes in one country with votes in another - how to link political action in one country with action in another. International competition is built-in to the nation-state system at its current level of development and so the issue is not environmental concerns, but how to get humans to agree on environmental concerns. This is really fascinating and very hopeful. In my opinion this is the crucial issue for the 21st century.” 

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