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Welcome to Simpol's UK campaign!

Have you ever wondered why governments seem unable to solve global problems like climate change, wealth inequality and mass migration?

But have you ever considered that it’s not that governments don’t want to act on these problems, but that they can't? Their need to keep their national economies attractive to international capital and investors makes it impossible for them to prioritise society or the environment, so things only get worse.

What if you could help release governments from competing for capital so they could cooperate for our future? What if you could be part of a movement that allows us to use our votes in a completely new way to drive governments to cooperate?

Welcome to Simpol – the international citizens campaign to solve global problems!

Simpol is short for the Simultaneous Policy – a range of policies to solve global problems at the same time, on the same date, so all nations win. With Simpol, you can contribute to those policies and drive governments to implement them.

Signing the Simpol Petition is like doubling the power of your vote. As a Simpol supporter, your vote isn’t just a national one – it also sends a powerful signal to politicians that they need to support the Simpol campaign – or risk losing you altogether. The campaign is already underway, supported by these politicians.

So what are you waiting for? Sign the Simpol Petition now to double your vote, and read why Simpol may be the one thing that could solve the urgent global problems we all face.

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Simpol-UK latest news...

Euro Elections 2019

Euro candidates from across the political spectrum are already signing the Simpol Pledge. Check out the list so far Opens internal link in current windowhere! If YOUR favourite candidates aren't on it, Opens internal link in current windowsign on to Simpol now.

Ben Bradshaw MP signs the Pledge!

11.1.19: We're delighted to announce that Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, has signed the Simpol Pledge. He joins over 60 other UK MPs and a growing number of MPs from other countries in supporting the Simpol campaign!

Evonomics publishes interview on The Simpol Solution

Where does Simpol fit in the story of human evolution? Prestigious economics blog, Evonomics, has published a great interview of authors John Bunzl and Nick Duffell by evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson about their new book The Simpol Solution. Read it here.

The Simpol Solution

Check out the new book on solving global problems that everyone's talking about!

John Bunzl at TEDx Berlin

The Political Prisoner's Dilemma - the dilemma politicians are in, and how Simpol lets us escape it.

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