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These MPs and MEPs support Simpol

Thanks to your support, the MPs and MEPs in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your MP/MEP needs to hear from you! Sign the Simpol Petition to encourage them to sign on. 

If you are an MP, MEP or party candidate and would like to support Simpol, you can see and sign the Pledge here. Questions? Please see our special FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.

Aberdeen North

Kirsty Blackman MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 6th May 2015

Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine

Stuart Donaldson MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 4th May 2015


Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru)

Pledged: 24th April 2015


Ayrshire Central

Philippa Whitford MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd May 2015

Birmingham Hall Green

Roger Godsiff MP (Labour)

Pledged: 11th October 2007


Dave Anderson MP (Labour)

Pledged: 27th April 2015


Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th June 2004


Daniel Zeichner MP (Labour)

Pledged: 17th October 2007

Comment: "The world is changing rapidly and progressive politics must not be limited by out-dated national boundaries. ... I want to work with like-minded people to challenge inequality, prejudice and ignorance wherever it occurs. We are all in this together, and must work together to meet the challenges ahead."

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

Jonathan Edwards MP (Plaid Cymru)

Pledged: 18th August 2015


Carshalton & Wallington

Tom Brake MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 23rd March 2007


Mark Williams MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 20th August 2006

Comment: "I believe that the best way to achieve security and to tackle global problems, including global warming, ecological destruction, global poverty and the threat from terrorism is through international action.  I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues believe the UK must work with the UN and the EU to promote international law, democracy and respect for human rights. We will work to reform the UN and EU to make them more responsive to international challenges."


Henry Smith MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 19th April 2010

Dudley South

Mike Wood MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Liz Saville Roberts MP (Plaid Cymru)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015



Grahame Morris MP (Labour)

Pledged: 13th April 2010

Comment: "The global financial crisis has shown how weak international cooperation has been in reaching agreement on fundamental regulations and policies across all borders. I support any efforts to bring greater cooperation between nations."

Edinburgh East

Tommy Sheppard MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Edinburgh South

Ian Murray MP (Labour)

Pledged: 28th April 2014


John McNally MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 4th May 2015


Fife North East

Stephen Gethins MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015


Peter Grant MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 6th May 2015


Hayes & Harlington

John McDonnell MP (Labour)

Pledged: 31st January 2005

Comment: "A simple initiative which deserves a chance to work".

Heywood & Middleton

Liz McInnes MP (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015


Philip Hollobone MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 7th December 2006

Comment: "If the world can act together to tackle global issues then the greater the chance of success."

Newcastle North

Catherine McKinnell MP (Labour)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Comment: "So many of today's challenges need an international effort to combat them, so I am delighted to make my pledge to support Simpol."

Newport West

Paul Flynn MP (Labour)

Pledged: 25th February 2015

Oxford East

Andrew Smith MP (Labour)

Pledged: 28th October 2016

Renfrewshire East

Kirsten Oswald MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st May 2015


Richmond Park

Sarah Olney MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 29th November 2016


Steven Paterson MP (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015


Tyneside North

Mary Glindon (Labour)

Pledged: 29th April 2015



John Penrose MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 2nd May 2005

Comment: "The Simultaneous Policy creates the possibility of multilateral action towards a better world. I'm supporting it on the basis that its aims are good and the policies are still being developed. Once completed, I hope Simpol's policies will give citizens more control over their governments, rather than some of the initial drafts which seem the other way around."

Worsley & Eccles South

Barbara Keeley MP (Labour)

Pledged: 8th March 2015

Comment: "There are so many complex issues facing Governments today, from climate change to the global financial crisis. It is clear that we need international efforts to deal with them. For this reason,I am delighted to pledge to support Simpol."


UK MEPs who have signed the Pledge


Claude Moraes MEP (Labour)

Pledged: 21st February 2005


Alyn Smith MEP (SNP). Pledged 3rd May 2014.



Catherine Stihler MEP (Labour). Pledged: 1st May 2014.


David Martin MEP (Labour). Pledged: 16th May 2014.

South East

Keith Taylor MEP (Green Party)

Pledged: 27th May 2009

What our MPs say about Simpol...

At the 2015 General Election, over 630 candidates signed the Simpol Pledge. 30 are now MPs. See the info-graphic press release

Barbara Keeley MP

Labour, Worsley & Eccles South

Pledged: 8th March 2015

Comment: "There are so many complex issues facing Governments today, from climate change to the global financial crisis. It is clear that we need international efforts to deal with them. For this reason, I am delighted to pledge to support Simpol."

Philip Hollobone MP

Conservative, Kettering

Pledged: 7th December 2006

Comment: "If the world can act together to tackle global issues then the greater the chance of success."

Comments from other candidates in 2015...

Stephen Worrall (Liberal Democrats) High Peak

"The idea behind Simpol seems so simple yet I think it could prove incredibly powerful and you and your colleagues should receive full credit for developing it. Global problems require global solutions and Simpol could well help us get to those solutions.

The way in which the process neatly side steps the issue of countries fearing to act unilaterally is quite excellent. I have signed the pledge and thank you for inviting me to do so."

Andrew Adams (Labour) N. W. Hampshire

"I have signed up to the pledge having received several emails from constituents, thanks for promoting what is an imaginative and thought provoking effort to tackle some of the biggest problems facing the world."

Phil Chandler (Green Party) Morecambe & Lunesdale

"I have signed your pledge with delight. I very much admire the way you and SIMPOL have pursued this idea over what must be decades. It seems completely the correct way to proceed."

Darren Price (Labour) Congleton

" PPCs we are repeatedly advised against 'signing up for anything' for very good reasons in the most part.  I see this more as a way of operating/thinking rather than a binding commitment to a specific issue or cause and therefore a little different.  I'd be interested to hear anyone argue against it!" 

Pramod Subbaraman (Liberal Democrats) Edinburgh South

“I really like the Simpol approach. Global problems do need co-ordinated global efforts and global solutions.”

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