Breaking down the barriers to solving world problems


The Political Prisoner's Dilemma

John Bunzl at TEDx Berlin's "Crossing Borders" conference, 23rd November 2012. John uses the two 'naughty boys' from German folklore, Max and Moritz, to explain the dilemma governments are in and how Simpol can get us out.

What is Simpol?

John Bunzl explains the three key things you need to know about Simpol and why they make it, arguably, the best and swiftest way to solving global problems.

What is Destructive Global Competition?

What is the key barrier preventing governments from solving global problems? John Bunzl explains what Destructive Global Competition is and how it prevents action.

What is the Simpol Solution?

A video about John Bunzl and Nick Duffell's book The Simpol Solution. For more on the book, including endorsements from Noam Chomsky, Ken Wilber, David Sloan Wilson and others, go here.

Simpol - "Wild West" animation

An animation by Integral Information Architecture showing what prevents governments from acting on global problems and how, by supporting Simpol, you can help break the deadlock.

Watch more Simpol videos on our Youtube channel.


Ken Wilber dialogues with John Bunzl on IntegralLife

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory, and John Bunzl dialogue about global governance and how Simpol may be key in achieving it. Available in several parts, the dialogue can be heard here

John Bunzl interviewed by Terry Patten

John Bunzl interviewed by integral teacher and coach, Terry Patten as part of the Beyond Awakening interview series. Recorded 13th May, 2012.

You can listen to this and other interviews by going here.

John Bunzl interviewed by the Lucis Trust as part of their "Conversation with Inspiring Servers" series, Lucis Trust probes the spiritual basis of the global challenges addressed by the Simultaneous Policy. 


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