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Sign the Petition! Get MPs to end the stalemate on global solutions!

  • Are you concerned about global issues such as climate change, financial market regulation, tax avoidance, austerity and the growing gap between rich and poor - nationally and globally?
  • Are you worried that MPs and MEPs are failing to act?

These problems only worsen because governments compete with each other instead of cooperating. That’s why we’re asking voters around the world to sign this Simpol Petition that puts your voice and your vote behind a cooperative global solution!

Note: Your contact details will be communicated only to your MP or, at elections, to the candidates standing in your constituency, so they can identify you as a genuine constituent. Otherwise, your details are held by us in strict confidence and will not be passed to any other party. For full details, see our Data Protection & Transparency Notice.

To all politicians:

"I'll be giving strong preference at the general election to candidates who have signed the Pledge to implement Simpol's range of global problem-solving policies alongside other governments. Will you be the candidate who gets my vote? Or will it be another politician?"


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Read the Pledge we'll be asking your MP to sign.

Politicians' Online Pledge Form

If you are an MP, MEP or parliamenary candidate (PPC), you need to sign the Politicians' Pledge. You can see and sign it here.